Our solution is for you to have your own Corporate Training Environment, in a Simplified and Easy way.

Create Your Courses

  • Create courses with customized content
  • Link video, audio, PDF, and SCORM files
  • Set completion deadlines and content availability
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Customize content targeting

  • Create learning paths and spaces
  • Target content, paths, and spaces to groups of learners
  • Set featured items on the learner’s homepage
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Track your team's progress

  • Easily access the information you need
  • Follow your learner’s progress in a simple and quick manner
  • Access relevant data wherever you want, via mobile or desktop
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Certify Your Training

  • Provide course certificates for your team
  • Link certificates to content completion criteria
  • Create customized course certificates
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Main Features

What content formats can I share?

You can share video link, SCORM, PDF, and Audio content.

Is it possible to target content to specific groups of learners?

Yes! With Edutivo, you can create user groups and, from there, grant or restrict access to content.

Learners in my organization have different profiles and learning objectives. How can I ensure that everyone has access to content relevant to their journey?

With Edutivo, you can create various thematic spaces, gathering related content in one place. These spaces can be directed to specific groups, ensuring that users have easy access to content of interest to them.

The training that my organization provides grants certification to learners. Is it possible to configure certificates on the platform?

Yes! Edutivo not only ensures the provision of content but also allows you to create and link certificates to them. In addition to offering a standard platform template, you can create one or more customized certificates and condition their provision on content approval.

As a manager, I need a simple way to monitor my employees' progress regarding the provided content. How can Edutivo assist me?

At Edutivo, we know that what isn’t measured can’t be controlled, so we ensure easy access to the information you need. Right on your homepage, the manager will have information about the overall use of the platform, and with just three clicks, they can access users’ progress data related to courses, learning paths, or spaces. Easy, simple, and quick.

I would like to bring my organization's visual identity to the platform, is it possible?

Absolutely! Edutivo is a “white label” platform, which means it allows the manager to customize various aspects such as the logo, icon, and color palette. Moreover, the URL of the corporate environment is customizable and can be defined at the time of its creation.

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